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Tuesday 23rd October, 2018

The birds this spring have been just extraordinary. There seems to be an abundance of them, and all are bringing new life into the world. Our grey thrush who makes her annual nest in the shed (see last year's entries for photos by clicking here) has hatched another clutch of chicks this year. On the dam out the front a family of wood ducks with 13 ducklings are living happily. In one of our paddocks a pair of resident plovers look like they will finally, after many years, successfully hatch some eggs. And most delightfully we were recently interrupted whilst starting to fill our wood shed, by two incredibly bold Spotted Pardolotes who thought the bark on the logs was the most perfect nesting material (see photo). There are many more birds around as well living and raising young - crimson rosellas, kookaburras, magpies, cockatoos, striated pardolotes, willy wagtails, yellow robins, blue wrens, swallows and the list goes on and on. It is just wonderful to know we have created such a livable habitat for them all to reside in.

Tuesday 4th September, 2018

Spring is returning to Waterfall Creek. Lambs are in the paddocks, daffodils are popping out and everything is re awakening. Never the less there is still snow on "them there hills", and on a glorious day a weekend or two ago we decided to jump into our flying machine (see entries further down for full details) and take a whirl over to admire the snow-capped Mt. Bogong which resides virtually in our neighbourhood. It was just spectacular sparkling in the sunshine, pristine and beautiful. A touch down for a quick bite of lunch in Mt Beauty (can't go past the seriously delicious food at Treats Cafe in our humble opinion) and back in the air and take in the views and football match (don't they look just like ants around a drop of honey!) on the way home. The patterns the landscape reveals from the air is endlessly fascinating and interesting.

Tuesday 14 August, 2018

They say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...so what does this mean?? Our little extended family of blue wrens have become very comfortable with us as the source of delicious titbits (grated parmesan cheese to be precise!), and make a bee line for us whenever we step outside in the hopes that there might be a small morsel on offer - especially as winter is a time of slim pickings. Sometimes they strike it lucky, sometimes they don't - especially as we do not want them to become dependent on us for their food. It is such a delight though to have them flittering around, jostling to find a place and grab some cheese. Such treasures to have in our life.






Saturday 10th March, 2018

At Waterfall Creek we are blessed with such abundance. Not only does the land we care for nourish our soul, but she also fills our pantry with ample produce. And this is only a sample of the bounty. Apples, raspberries, corn, potatoes, lettuce, herbs, sunflower seeds, and both pumpkins and sweet potatoes on their way. What more could we ask for! We are truly blessed. 

Friday 16th February, 2018

We get a whole new view of our property from the seat of our "new toy" (see entry below for more detail on that). An aerial view of places puts a completely different perspective on them. This is how the house looks, just as we are skimming past coming in to land. And to think 20 years ago it was a big newly built house in a big bare paddock...my how things have changed!

Friday 26th January, 2018

The end of 2017 saw a new "toy" arrive in the shed at Waterfall Creek. Glenn spent many years floating around in the air in and under a variety of things with wings. Although he had been out of flying for quite some time the itch returned, and a desire to 'do it one more time' was strong. So lo and behold, our hay shed has returned to its former official purpose built role of aircraft hanger and now holds a trike (also called aweight shift air craft or micro light). Fun times have already been had, and quite a few more are being planned. In addition Glenn is also in the process of re-establishing his flying school to train trike pilots and take people on TIF scenic flights. 2018 is certainly shaping up to be an interesting year!



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