Why Bitless?

Metal Free Mouths

A bit will not stop a bolting horse!

If a horse needs a bit in its mouth to be controlled, perhaps the horse is not really ready, or safe, to be ridden.

A bit is a very crude way of communicating with your horse.  There are much kinder and more effective ways.

If there was one simple thing you could do to benefit your horse, it would be your decision to remove the bit from your horse's mouth.

Riding in a bitless bridle or halter is something we can all do for the horse's benefit.  There has been much written about the benefits of this way of riding.  Many horse people all over the world now choose to ride this way.  The range of head gear is extensive and is giving riders a choice of much kinder ways of communicating with their horses.

There is clear veterinary evidence of the physical damage bits do to horses, as well as documented evidence of the behavioural problems bits can cause.  There are many very good reasons why you can make the change to bitless riding and driving.  Yes, you can drive a harness horse without a bit too!

Those who oppose the idea of bitless either haven't tried it, are stuck in the traditional use of metal bits for horse control or are bound by rules that state that the horse must be ridden with a bit in its mouth.  It doesn't have to be this way for you and your horse.

If you are wondering if this is for you and your horse: if you know deep down that a bit, at best, must be uncomfortable, and at worst may cause extreme pain and do damage to the horse, then maybe it's time to explore this as a good option for you and your equine partner.

Kelly and Glenn of 'Waterfall Creek', in Tallangatta Valley, are pleased to offer horse owners and riders the transition training and education for both horses and riders to safely and confidently make the 'shift' to bitless horses.

Available are several of the world's most popular bitless bridles  and a selection of halters for the horses.  We also have several horses who are more than happy to show you how much they enjoy being bit free.

We offer a safe and structured program for you with your horse. We can even come to your property if you have a suitable area, or a place we can create one, in which to transition. Hourly, half day and full day guidance is available.

A bitless horse is a happier horse.  A happier horse will help to create a happy rider.                            

Give us a call to learn more about our Metal Free Mouth Program for Horses.

 Glenn and Kelly

Phone 02 6071 0210

Email info@waterfallcreek.com.au

**** A three hour session is highly recommended for horse and rider as a minimum time frame to understand how to safely transition to bitless riding.

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Last updated December 4, 2016