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Here are some websites, in no specific order, that we like. Although we do not follow any prescribed person or method, the below generally reflect and align with our own horse philosophy.

If any of the links no longer work, we would appreciate if you could advise us, and we can correct or remove them. Many thanks.  Website of Mel Flemming. Mel’s philosophy for horsemanship is a very holistic one -Striving to understand all four aspects of the horse and human – the mind, emotions, body and spirit.   The new way of living and being with horses. HorseConscious is committed to providing a home for those horse lovers who think there must be a gentler way to be with horses. The "social networking" section is where people come together to restore the idea of community and the values of trust, honesty and compassion.   Michelle Dennis from Queensland and does some pretty nice stuff at liberty with her horses and donkeys.  She says, "Always remember  ..... when you turn a horse loose you see where his mind is, and when it is with you, that is when the magic starts to happen"  Klaus Ferdinand Hempling's website. Inspirational horseman from Denmark. The website does not do him justice. His books - especially "Dancing with Horses" and "The Horse Seeks Me" are well worth reading. Soft and into the spiritual connection with horses.  Tasmanian Cynthia Cooper who is dedicated to helping people understand natural horse keeping, bitless riding and barehoofed horses.   Want to learn more about bitless? Check this site out. We really like the design and thought gone into the bridles on this site.  Australian horseman Carlos Tabenaberri who lives in Whittlesea, Victoria. The teacher Kell started with. Great instructor. Gentle, bitless advocate (but doesn’t expect students to if they are not ready). His catch phrase is "help ever, hurt never".  Really interesting, detailed and easy to understand site about barefoot care for horses. Website of MaryAnne Leighton, author of the book "Equine Emergency Rescue - A Guide To Large Animal Rescue". The site has details of the book contents, as well as a page of rescue courses that are running in Australia. Knowledge that all people should be familiar with if dealing with horses. Website of Joe Camp, author of the book "Soul of a Horse". A man who 'got into horses' late in life, and was old enough and wise enough to have an incredibly open mind to all that he was told about horses. He questioned everything - even (or mostly?) that which was advised by those who had been 'doing horses all their life'. Joe's compilations of what he has found out - and continues to find - are invaluable guides if you are looking for a better way with your own horses, or are finding 'the old ways' just don't feel right.  Horseman Rick Gore 's website. The site was "put together to help educate and promote horse awareness, understanding, good horsemanship and hopefully improve the life of the Horse". The video on the home page sums it all up.  A whole new concept and way of interacting with horses. "Friendship Training does not force a horse into submission. Instead, it uses the horse's own values and standards of Equine Friendship to create a much different type of relationship. This produces safer and more enjoyable interactions on the ground (as well as mounted interactions) for both horse and human. It also prevents many problems from ever arising that are caused by using traditional training formats that regard the horse as simply an animal to be forced into submission. Instead, it imprints the equine concept of friendship on the deepest instinctual levels possible".  Natural Horse friendship is a paid membership site offering training tips and exercises, videos,radio interviews and an interactive blog where you can share your stories, questions and seek advice from their panel of experts. This site invites you to share in the peace, love, joy and celebration of the horse in the hope that by example it will inspire others to do the same. It is worth a visit to check out, even if you are not interested in subscribing.  Michael Bevilacqua, from Canada, created this site after writing a book "Beyond the Dream Horse", the story of his experiences and his evolving journey with horses. The introduction on his site says in part: "...describes how turning around many standard beliefs about horses and training can allow an honest relationship to flourish. ... a different perspective and insight that helps remove the self-created wall that often seperates people from horses. ...It is about achieving the elusive relationship of which is often only dreamed". His articles are rich and thought provoking. Crissea is an Equine Craniosacral practitioner (a gentle, effective and non invasive healing modality that releases tension deep within the horse's central nervous system) and Equine body worker. Crissea says: A new paradigm for horse human relationships is emerging as we grow towards the realization that horse and human are spiritual equals, in different physical forms. I resonate with this belief, which guides the philosophy behind my HorseSpirit work with the use of gentle, non-invasive techniques which tune into the intelligence and spirit of the horse.  A website inspired by Stormy May and her DVD “Path of the horse”. This DVD explores new and kinder ways of being with horses and is an extremely inspiring documentary to watch. This site has the link to download and watch the full length "Path of the Horse" documentry for free.  Website of Carolyn Resnick. Well known for her "Waterhole Rituals" method of horsemanship, which was developed from her time as a child spending an extraordinary amount of time interacting with a wild mustang herd (her book "Naked Liberty" narrates this experience). Her method is strongly based on interacting at liberty, and giving the horse choice. Many people who have never had anything to do with horses find her Waterhole Rituals a comfortable and non daunting way to develop a relationship with their horse.


This link is to a very thorough, well reasearched and reader friendly, article on Joe Camp's blog site "The Soul of a Horse" about why horses should not be rugged: Click Here




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