Services Offered

Services included as standard for our Guest Horses 

The following services are included as part of the weekly boarding fee, so you can rest easy knowing everything is being looked after

  • Ad-lib feed of pasture and hay to maintain the guest horse in a healthy condition.
  • Mineral and herb supplements to maintain the horse in a balanced, healthy condition.
  • Hoof care as required to maintain healthy hooves.
  • Annual dental check and mainteance float as required.
  • Annual brushing regime, combing and removal of winter coat or hair.
  • Drenching twice per year using rotating drench types, or as required depending on faecal egg count.
  • Regular human contact and interaction with the guest horse throughout the week.
  • Individual comprehensive weekly check over to ensure they are maintaining good health and good spirits
  • Quarterly email or postal reports to owner if requested.

Additional Services

The following additional services can be provided if required. Additional fees apply to these services.

  • Extra Guest Horse reports as requested by the owner.
  • DVD footage of Guest Horse.
  • Specialised Dental treatment. 
  • Veterinary treatment as required, plus transport to vet if needed. 
  • Specialised hoof care as required in consultation with the owner.
  • Transport of guest horses if the owner cannot provide.
  • Rugging of horses.  If needed rugging is done depending upon temperature/weather rather than time of day.
  • Personalised one-on-one time. Walking in hand, brushing, spending time with, etc.
  • Aged or other horses who require supplementary feeding of commercial 'seniors feeds' can be accommodated by negotiation.
  • Body work, in consultation with the owner.
  • Burial on site of the body of any deceased horse or disposal as otherwise required or requested.


Stay Length Options.

Short, medium, long term or lifetime boarding is offered for guest horses.

Short to medium term boarding could be appropriate, but is not limited to, horses whose owners are posted overseas for work or military duty, are taking extended holidays, suffer family crisis, illness, have personal or time pressures, would like to spell their horses in a safe and nuturing environment, have a temporary lack of accommodation for their horse due to injury, drought, flood, bushfire or for many other reasons. 

Long term and life boarding may suit owners who are no longer able care for their horse, what ever the horses age,  and require a safe and horse-friendly home where their horse can live out its days in peace while experiencing the best of care in a natural environment.

Life boarding may also suit owners who would like to make arrangements for the ongoing care of their horses in their will.

Reserving a Place for a Guest Horse:

For peace of mind, the option of reserving a place for a Guest Horse at Waterfall Creek is available, but unfortunately reserved places are limited. 

Reserving a place requires the payment of a small weekly fee which guarantees that a place will be available at any time for a horse that meets the "Guest Horse Requirements".  The guest horse place will be reserved as long as the fee continues to be paid but will be forfeited if payments cease. A reserved place can be cancelled at any time by the owner.  Reservation fees are not refundable.



For a complete information package, or any queries you may have, please contact:

Glenn Wilson and Kelly Bick

Waterfall Creek Horse Retirement and Boarding

Ph 02 6071 0210


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