Full Board Agistment and Lodging for Horses - Short, medium and long term (non-riding)

Waterfall Creek Horse Retirement and Boarding is situated on 60ha of valley country in the rolling foothills of the Great Dividing Range 85kms east of Albury-Wodonga. The property has been managed using organic principles since 1995, and extensive work has been carried out to re-establish native vegetation shelter belts, diverse pasture cover, and wildlife corridors.

Surrounded by farming properties and native bush, it is a quiet and idyllic setting free of busy roads, industrial noise and urban pollution.

Services offered:

Created from a desire to see improved welfare and care of horses at all stages of their life, Waterfall Creek Horse Retirement and Boarding offers:

  • Temporary, short and medium term care.
  • Long term and lifetime retirement care for horses.
  • Care for horses who have been provided for in a person's Will.
  • Rest and recuperation for horses in a herd living and horse friendly environment.
  • Accommodation for horses undergoing rehabilitation from hoof problems.
  • Specific stay periods for socialisation with other horses in a herd situation.

Horse Living Arrangements:

Guest horses will live in a nurturing and caring environment designed to meet their equine physical and emotional needs. Their individual requirements, as well as the social bonds and herd structures that the horses form amongst themselves will be well met.

Paddock systems are set out to encourage movement for physical health. Guest horses live in a free roaming herd situation.   They have regular access to spring fed dams allowing for water play. Supplementary herbs and minerals, as well as full time access to plentiful and predominately native pasture maintains good internal health.

In addition, all the guest horses are provided with regular human contact and interaction throughout the week, as well as an individual comprehensive weekly check to ensure they are maintaining good health and good spirits.

The Operators:

Glenn Wilson and Kelly Bick are committed to the welfare and wellbeing of horses especially, and animals in general. They have an eclectic herd of horses, each with their own interesting story, ranging in age from foals born on the property to our most senior citizen, Ben, who lived until he was 43yrs old!

Glenn and Kelly base their horse management and care on contemporary horsemanship and natural horse herd living.

Glenn is a qualified and experienced barehoof practitioner who trims professionally and runs barehoof care workshops, as well as educational programmes and courses to promote harmonious methods of horsemanship and bitless riding.

Kelly began her journey with horses as a 9 year old, attending the local pony club. In the last few years she has shifted her focus to gentle and compassionate horsemanship techniques.  Kelly is also a handy hoof trimmer and helps other horse people transition to bitless riding and develop better relationships with their horses.

Both spend time trail riding, pack saddling and pleasure harness driving some of their horses. In addition, Kelly and Glenn use ethical horsemanship techniques to train and re-train horses and foals. 

Contact Us 

For a complete information package, or any queries you may have, please contact

Glenn Wilson and Kelly Bick   Ph 02 6071 0210   E  info@waterfallcreek.com.au


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Address 149 Waterfall Creek Rd   Tallangatta Valley VIC 3701   Australia

Phone (02) 6071 0210   E-mail info@waterfallcreek.com.au


Last updated October 23, 2018