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DIY Hoof Care and Trimming


Learning to carry out good hoof care and trimming is critical in creating and maintaining sound and healthy bare hooves.  Poor hoofcare can result in poor horses.

When you become skilled at maintaining your own horse’s hooves, no longer will you be relying on or waiting for others for this service.  And most people find it easier than they previously thought to keep hooves trimmed, balanced and sound.

Glenn offers two options for horse owners and interested people to learn how to care for and carry out a maintenance trim on hooves.


These are:

  • One on One or Small Group Trimming Training
  • Two Day DIY Hoof Care Workshops

See below for a general overview of each.


ONE on ONE OR SMALL GROUP TRIMMING TRAINING SESSIONS (click here for more information)

The One on One or Small Group Trimming Training Sessions are tailored for people and small groups who are prepared to undertake some self study on hoof and limb anatomy and hoof function.  They are a four to six hour intensive hoof trimming session for one to four participants.  These sessions are run throughout the year and can be held at your place or at ‘Waterfall Creek’ in Tallangatta Valley in North East Victoria.

A thorough understanding of hoof structure, lower limb anatomy and hoof function is a must so that the sessions can concentrate on the art and nuances of hoof balance and trimming.  A highly recommended online theory component course in bare hoof care can be found at or get to the page direct by clicking here.  Otherwise there is a plethora of information available online.  Read and study as much as you can and then be the judge of what sounds appropriate and what is myth or misunderstood.

Have a good look at as many hooves as you can.  Learn to identify what is a healthy hoof and what hooves have problems.

If you commit to this type of pre-study training Glenn is available to assist in answering questions that you may have before the trimming sessions.  You will get best value for your investment if these queries are dealt with before the trimming training day.

What else is covered on the day?

  • Hoof care tools.  Selection, use and maintenance.
  • Horse handling to make hoof care easy for you and the horse.
  • Looking after yourself.  OH&S.
  • Hoof boots selection, fitting and uses.
  • Plus of course hands on trimming!



TWO DAY DIY HOOF CARE WORKSHOP (Click here for more information)

The Two Day DIY Hoof Care Workshop teaches the structure, anatomy and mechanisms of the hoof and how all horse and donkey owners can apply the principles and techniques of BAREHOOF CARE to their horses and donkeys, and maintain their equid's hooves themselves.

  • The benefits of BareHoof Care are explained and examined in detail allowing the participant to decide what is best for their horses’ total well being.
  • Discussion of holistic horse care; how and where BareHoof Care fits into this approach in maintaining or achieving a truly sound and contented horse.
  • Examination of common domestic hoof problems and how these can be avoided, rectified, managed or completely rehabilitated by applying BareHoof Care.
  • Hoof Boots Q&A with the latest and most popular hoof boots on display
  • Trimming Demonstration using the principles of BareHoof Care.
  • Selection and Use of Hoof Care tools.
  • Maintenance Trimming your own horse/donkey under the guidance of the trainer.
  • Limited numbers of participants at the workshop allow in depth discussion and learning of Bare Hoof Care and detailed examination of trimming techniques.

Organise a BareHoof Care Workshop in your area and we’ll come to you.  Potential for clubs to use this workshop as a fundraiser.

NEXT WORKSHOP DATES  - to be advised

Contact Glenn to express your interest and be kept informed


Glenn's Qualifications:

Glenn is a Nationally accredited Equine Hoof Care Professional with many years of barehoof trimming experience.  He is also a Cert IV Workplace Trainer and Assessor with extensive experience in training and presentations in a wide variety of education environments.



Contact BareHoof Care Workshop presenter Glenn Wilson to register your interest in the next available workshop, your one on one training or to discuss organising something for a group.

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